Walnut Towers-AMP2

12 South Walnut Street, Hagerstown MD

Walnut Towers is a two building high-rise apartment complex with elevator service to all floors. The eight-story “A” Building has 102 apartments, while the three-story “B” Building contains 48 apartments. These buildings are designed to provide secure and accessible housing for elderly and disabled residents. Applications are also accepted from near-elderly persons at least fifty years of age.

The buildings contain seventy-five efficiency units and seventy-five one-bedroom units.

Amenities include on-site laundromat facilities, resident community room and off-street parking. Secured entrance doors and an intercom system available to residents, featuring security camera surveillance of the front lobby, doors that can be monitored from each apartment provide peace of mind. Resident programs include a noon Nutrition Meal, game nights, bingo nights, and other activities.

The buildings are located at 11-12 South Walnut Street in Hagerstown, near City Park.

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Walnut Towers-AMP2

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