Current Applicants

This page contains information helpful to those who have submitted an application to be housed by the Hagerstown Housing Authroity.

Why is the waiting list so long?

We have many applicants waiting for units to become available. There are also applications on the list that are inactive for a number of reasons, so the list may appear longer than it actually is in reality because of inactive applicants.

There is a Public Housing Family Wait List an a Public Housing Elderly Wait List. Then those two lists are divided into smaller wait lists based on family size, and how many bedrooms are needed:

The Family Wait List is divided by the following bedroom number units:

  • 1 Bedroom Units
  • 2 Bedroom Units
  • 3 Bedroom Units
  • 4 Bedroom Units
  • 5 Bedroom Units

The Elderly Wait List is divided by the following bedroom number units:

  • Efficiency Units
  • 1 Bedroom Units
  • 2 Bedroom Units

The longest waiting list is for the 2 bedroom family units, because those are the units needed by the most families, and currently we do not have enough available 2 bedroom units for the need right now.

When you apply for housing, you will be quoted the main wait list, not necessarily the individual wait list for the specific bedroom number unit that you need.

I have checked my status on the waiting list and my place on the list is lower than before, or has changed. Why?

Our Waitlist is based on application date and preference points. Someone may have applied that has more points than you, and they’re going to go ahead of you.

Points are based on the following criteria:

  • Resident of Washington County = 20 points
  • Working in Washington County = 20 points
  • Elderly or disabled = 5 points
  • Currently Employed* = 5 points

*(only applies to the Public Housing Wait List)

I applied this morning for housing. I went to check my place on the waiting list and it says that it cannot find my application. Why?

Whether you apply online or on paper, HHA still needs to process your application, check all required documentation, enter all application information into our system, and apply any possible preference points. It may take 2 to 3 weeks to get all the information processed.

No matter how long it takes for HHA to process your application, don’t worry, you still have the same application date.

I was told my wait time would be 2 months (for example), but it has been much longer. Why?

Every wait time we give to applicants is approximate. We cannot predict when you will come to the top of the wait list, or when a unit your size will become available. There are many factors that go into the availability of a unit and how long it may take for the unit to be ready for you to move in. Please be patient.

What happens if any of my information changes after my application has been submitted and I'm placed on the waiting list?

f you have a change in your information while you are an applicant on the waiting list, you must report the change to HHA.

HHA has an Application Change Form available. You can fill it out online by clicking here (INTERNAL LINK HERE), or you can come to the HHA office (35 W Baltimore St) and fill out a paper form. The form is gold, and is available in the lobby.

We have a separate Change Form for residents, so make sure to fill out the form that is specifically for applicants.

Possible changes you need to report are things like

new phone number
new address
adding a family member
removing a family member
becoming qualified for disability
One of the most important changes that MUST be reported is a change of address. If you move, please let us know your new address. Every time we need to contact you, we do it through the mail. You do not want to miss a notification letter telling you you’re at the top of the wait list! If you move and do not notify us, we will mail to the last address we have on file, and you may be removed from the housing wait list because you didn’t let us know you moved and never responded. This happens quite a lot, so make sure you notify us if you change addresses while you are on the waiting list.

During the waiting process, if you have a change in household size, you must report this change to us. Once you have reported your household size change, you will be moved to a different wait list for an eligible unit size.

Guidelines for bedroom number qualifications are as follows:

For Public Housing:

2 children are allowed per bedroom provided that they are the same gender, and are within 5 years of age to one another.
For HCV/Section 8:

2 children are allowed per bedroom provided that they are the same gender.

I have received an application denial. What happens now?

Applicants who receive an application denial are only entitled to an informal conference with HHA. You must request this informal conference within 10 days of the date of the notice.

At the informal hearing, you can give all of your information to the hearing officer and explain your situation and argue as to why you should still be considered eligible for housing. The hearing officer will take your appeal to an Application Review Committee. The committee consists of 3 or 4 people from various departments within HHA who will get together to discuss your case and make a decision about whether or not you should be considered eligible or not. The decision will be mailed to you, in writing, within 10 days of the informal conference.

Applicant Portal


The Hagerstown Housing Authority has partnered with Yardi Systems to expand our ability to interact with our applicants online.  Once implemented, the applicant portal will serve as a ‘one stop shop’ for you to update your application, check your ranking on the waitlist, and more.

Application Change Instructions

If you have turned in your housing application and it is being processed, but you experience a change of income, residency, or household size, you must complete an Application Change Form and turn it in to HHA. If you do not complete this form after a change in your information, you may be deemed ineligible.

How to Submit

Once you have completed the form, you may mail it, or bring it in to our Central Office at 35 W. Baltimore Street in Hagerstown, MD.

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