Family Self Sufficiency
On this page, you will find information about the Family Self Sufficiency program, offered through HHA’s Resident Services.

What is FSS?

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is a program designed to provide individual case management services to residents of public housing and Housing Choice Voucher recipients for the purpose of achieving self-sufficiency. The participants identify specific goals in which they agree to pursue accomplishing with the assistance of a case manager. These goals are concentrated in areas of education, job training and placement, budgeting and finance, credit repair, the purchase of a vehicle and/or home and much more. Goals will vary based on each individual’s needs.

More than 100 families have benefited from FSS since its inception. The program provides a holistic case-management approach involving community networking to assist families in obtaining self sufficiency through a long-term
contract of up to five years. The goal of FSS is to encourage and assist participants to attain permanent full time employment and become free of all welfare assistance programs.

Your FSS Coordinator will provide such services as:

  • Assistance in identifying and reaching goals within specific time frames.
  • Referrals to community support services.
  • Assistance with financial planning when requested.
  • Informational and educational workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions about the FSS Program (click on the plus sign to the right of a question to read the answer):

How will I benefit by enrolling in the FSS Program?
By enrolling into the FSS Program, you will receive individual case management services that will assist you in establishing and accomplishing personal goals. Accomplishing these goals will enable you to become self-sufficient.
If I choose not to enroll into the FSS Program, will it effect my Housing Choice Voucher or Public Housing?

No. The FSS Program is a voluntary program offered to Housing Choice Voucher residents and Public Housing residents. If you choose not to participate in the program, it does not change your housing situation.

Are all adult members of a household required to participate in the program if one decides to enroll?
No. If you decide to enroll in the FSS program, it is required that only the head of house- hold sign a contract of participation and develop a set of goals, although we encourage that other adult members participate since they also contribute to the household.
What are some of the accomplishments made by FSS Participants?
FSS Participants have accomplished a variety of goals, which include improved budgeting, established savings, improved Credit history, further education, job training and placement, homeownership, and much, much more. Scroll down to view success stories.

Success Stories

What do our participants say about the FSS program? Watch the video below, or scroll down to read testimonials from members of the program.
“I feel that my life is on a much better path with the knowledge I have received from the FSS program.” K.W.

“The Family Self Sufficiency Program gave me exactly what it says: the ability to be self-motivated and sufficient. I have accomplished so much out of this program!” P.J.

“The FSS Program has helped me tremendously! My FSS case manager was always there to help. She helped me budget my finances, save money, and improve my credit. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to better themselves and their families. I can’t believe that everyone does not take advantage of this program when they begin Section 8.” S.B.

“Without my FSS case manager’s personal and professional guidance, I feel it would have been much harder to have accomplished my goals.” C.F.

“We would like the thank everyone involved with the FSS program for providing families in need with an opportunity to get their independence back. We now the progress we have made would have not been possible without it. Hopefully someday in the future we can find a way to help others in the community the way your program has helped us.” S.B. and L.C.




Who is Eligible for Enrollment into the FSS Program?

Any individual who is a resident of public housing or receiving housing subsidy through Housing Choice Voucher is eligible to enroll into the Family Self-Sufficiency Program. These individuals must also be in compliance with their local Housing Authority as well as other community support agencies.

FSS is offered to all families who meet the eligibility criteria without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin in accordance with federal fair housing and equal opportunity laws.

How do I enroll in the program? 

Enrollment in the Family Self Sufficiency Program is simple. Below is an online form you can fill out to begin your enrollment process into the FSS program. Once you fill out the required fields, your response will be submitted to the Resident Services office, where they will process your enrollment and contact you with more information.

If you prefer to complete a paper enrollment form, click the button below the online form to access a version of the enrollment form that you can print and fill out. Once you have completed the printed form, turn it in to Resident Services at their office located on the second level of Elgin Station at 40 Elgin Blvd., across from Gateway Crossing.




FSS Enrollment Form

Below is your form to enroll in the Family Self Sufficiency Program. By joining the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program, you receive the following:

  • An individual Case Manager to identify and reach written goals within specific time frames.
  • Referrals to community support services to help you attain your goals.
  • Assistance with financial planning when requested.
  • Opportunity to participate in various workshops to help you reach self-sufficiency.
  • For eligible participants, as employment is obtained or earnings increase, monthly deposits are made to an escrow account that is held by the Housing Authority.
  • When you successfully complete your FSS Contract and are free of welfare assistance programs, you receive the escrow monies

Please read each field carefully before you begin filling out the form. Some fields you must type a response to. Other fields, you may be required to select from a drop down menu. Others, you must click checkboxes with answers that apply to you. To fill out the form, hover your cursor over the text field, click, and type or choose your answer. You will not be able to submit the form unless all the required fields have been filled out. If a field does not appear to apply to you, type “N/A” in the answer field.



I am interested in the FSS program!

I participate in the following Programs and Agencies

Click the button below to access a printable version of the enrollment form. You can print and complete the form and return it to Resident Services on the upper level of Elgin Station (40 Elgin Blvd).

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