Hearing Request Form

This is your form to request either an “Informal Conference” or a “Formal Hearing”. Once you fill out this form, it will be submitted directly to HHA where it will be processed and you will be contacted with more information. 

Please read each field carefully before you begin filling out the form. Some fields you must type a response to. Other fields, you may be required to select from a drop down menu. To fill out the form, hover your cursor over the text field, click, and type or choose your answer. You will not be able to submit the form unless all the required fields have been filled out. 


Do I need an Informal Conference or a Formal Hearing?

Informal Conference: An informal conference will be your first step for any issue you may need to discuss with the Housing Authority.

Formal Hearing: If, after your informal conference, you disagree with the outcome, you can then request a formal hearing.

Please Note: Application denials do not get Formal Hearings, only Informal Conferences.

Request for Informal Conference or Formal Hearing

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