How To Use Your Public Housing Resident Portal
This page is not your live portal. This page is just a guide to help you use your portal. Click on a button below to learn how to use its functions in your portal to make a payment, make a maintenance request, update your family information, and more.

To access your live portal, go to the Home Page, scroll to the bottom of the page, select your portal, and log in.

Accessing Your Certifications

This tab will show you documents related to your annual recertification. This is where you will be able to make updates to your family and income information in order to get recertified.

Viewing Your Basic Information

When you first registered for your portal account, you were asked to complete some basic information. Now that you are successfully in your resident portal, the Basic Information tab will display your info such as your housing program, the date of your next certification, your caseworker’s contact information, and more. You can even send your caseworker an email from this tab.

Viewing Your Family Information

When you first registered for your portal account, you were asked to provide your family information. Now inside your portal, the Family Information tab will display your info such as your household members and your current income. It is important to view this information in order to make sure it is all up to date. If it is not, you are responsible for updating the information in order to avoid a hold or an abatement on your account.

Checking Your Place on the Waiting List

Though you are currently in public housing or an HCV holder, you are able to apply for a change in housing. If you have applied for a change in housing, you will likely want to check your spot on the Waiting List to see how close you are to receiving an offer. You can do this by clicking the “My Waiting List Status” button where it will display your status on the waiting list.

Making Payments

Payments can now easily be made online through your portal. To make a payment, click on the “Payments” button. This will open a window where you can make payments, set up Autopay, view your recent payment activity, and add or remove payment accounts.

Before you can make a payment, you must add at least one payment account. This can be a credit card, debit card, or direct bank account. To do this, click the “Payment Accounts” tab in the top right of the Payments menu.

Watch the video below to learn how to set up a payment account or scroll down to view a step by step slideshow on how to set up and make payments. 

Once you have a payment account in place, you can make a payment from the “Make Payments” tab in the top left of the Payments menu.

View Your Inspections

To check when your next inspection will take place, or to view the status of your previous inspections, click the “My Inspections” button. Here you can view the reasons for a failed inspection, and see what issues need to be corrected. If you have failed an inspection, you will need to contact your inspector.

Making a Maintenance Request

If something in your home needs fixed, you must place a maintenance request with the Housing Authority. Watch the video below to find out how to easily submit a maintenance request.

Accessing Your FSS Information

If you are enrolled in the Family Self Sufficiency program through HHA, you can view your FSS information through your portal. Here you can see the start and projected end date of your FSS program, the percentage of your income increase, and more. You can print this page for your records by clicking the “Print” button.

Viewing Your FSS Ledger

The FSS Ledger is a live ledger of your escrow savings. You can view your most recent escrow credits in real time, and view your disbursements for up to the last twelve months.

Viewing Your Escrow Statement

The Escrow Statement tab is where you can view a summary of your FSS ledger. It displays a once yearly statement of your escrow savings, as well as a view of your starting balance, and amounts of withdrawals and forfeitures you may have made from your account.

Viewing Your Holds and Abatements

Holds and abatements apply mainly to Housing Choice Voucher holders. You may have a hold on your account if you haven’t completed your recertification. You may have an abatement on your account if you failed to report a change of income. This tab is where you can view what holds and abatements you have on your account. If you have a hold or an abatement, you should contact your case worker for more information and to resolve the issue. For information on how to contact your case worker, go to the Basic Information tab.

View Your Attachments

The attachments tab will contain any documents HHA has on file for you that they would like you to look at. Sometimes files may be uploaded here that you will need to complete to stay in compliance with your housing program, so be sure to check this tab.

Register With Another Agency

This tab is mostly applicable to Housing Choice Voucher holders who are taking their voucher portable. For example, if you received your voucher from the Hagerstown Housing Authority, but you would like to live in Boonsboro, MD you may need to register your portal account with the Boonsboro Housing Authority agency as well.

Apply to Waiting Lists

Even though you live in public housing or are an HCV holder currently, you may decide you want to change your housing situation. You can do so by applying again to another waiting list. Under the Apply to Waiting Lists tab, you can complete a public housing application and be added to a different waiting list.

Contact the Housing Authority

If you have a question related to housing, you may need to contact the Housing Authority. You can send a message directly from the Contact Us tab. You can also call the Housing Authority using the phone number at the top righthand of your portal page.
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