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McCleary Hill

HHA is working on a four phased approach to the demolition and redevelopment of Noland Village.  140 units will be built as new, modern homes in a development called McCleary Hill.  To learn more about this intiative, please click the button below.


Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy

HHA recently completed updates to it’s Admissions and Continued Occupancy.   To review the updated policy, please click the button below.


online tenant portal 


The Housing Authority has updated the RentCafe portal to allow tenants to complete recertifications and report changes to their household composition and income online through the portal.  Applicants can now upload and electronically sign all documents needed to be housed through the portal.  Click the button to access the online portal. 


AMP based Waitlists

We are changing our waiting list structure to place applicants on waiting lists based on AMP community attributes.  Our new waiting list will make it easier for you to apply to a specific property type such as an elderly high rise building, or a family sized unit in one of our family communities.   

Other Projects

Drop Box

A drop box is being installed at the HHA main office to collect paperwork and payments. 

HCV Homeownership

The Housing Authority is exploring the idea of offering HCV Homeownership Vouchers. 



Inspection of all the exterior caulking at Potomac Towers.

Tree pruning and removal

Tree work in all HHA communities is ongoing as of April 2020.


Roof replacement at Potomac Towers .


Updating of the porch lighting in the Frederick Manor Community and Douglass Court. 

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Our Newsletters often contain updates regarding the progress of work being done around our communities as well as a description of any upcoming policy or program changes.  You can view them by clicking the button below.

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