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Doing Business with HHA
The Hagerstown Housing Authority is involved in many community housing and redevelopment projects funded primarily through grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) .

Our needs

What We Procure

Our typical purchases and procurements include building construction and repair services, building maintenance materials, office supplies and equipment, and administrative services.

Office Supplies and equipment

We utilize office supplies, from paper to PCs, in conducting our administrative tasks.  We are always seeking quality products at an affordable price.

Construction and repair service

We strive to keep our properties in top condition so that they are safe and welcoming for our residents and visitors.  To do this, we frequently partner with others for construction and repair services.

building and maintenance materials

The Hagerstown Housing Authority maintains 1,320 residential units to the highest standards set forth by HUD and ourselves.  To accomplish this, we regularly purchase building and maintenance materials.

business products

To achieve our mission, the Hagerstown Housing Authority is always open to exploring the latest available offerings in a diverse range of products from promotional materials to business software systems.

Administrative Services

To abide by all federal, state, and local regulations, the Hagerstown Housing Authority frequently seeks assistance from consultants, support vendors, etc.


Our Request For Proposals and Quotes

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Walnut Towers Deck and Rail Replacement


The Housing Authority of the City of Hagerstown is soliciting bids for deck and rail replacement at Walnut Towers.  Refer to specifications and drawings or complete scope of work and details.

Please click here to view Addendum 1.

Please click here to view Addendum 2.

Please click here for the bid tabulation.


Choice Neighborhoods Grant-Writer and Planning Coordinator



The Housing Authority of the City of Hagerstown (HACH) is issuing a Request for Proposals for
an Urban Planning Firm or other Planning or Development Entity to operate as a Grant-Writer and
Planning Coordinator for its efforts to pursue a Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant as issued
by HUD.

Please see below Q&A for further information:

Timeline Modification 04062023

Potomac Towers Sliding Glass Door

The Hagerstown Housing Authority is requesting bids for the removal of old doors and installation of new doors in its entirety.  Click here for specifications and details found in the Invitation for Bid. Addendum #5 is included.

Click here for the construction documents.


Some of Our Current Partners

terms and conditions

Our Procurement Policy

QUALITY: When manufacturing Specifications are referred to on the face of this order, such Specifications shall be deemed to be an integral part hereof as if fully set out herein. All deliveries furnished on this purchase must be of the quality specified, or in the event no quality is specified, must be of the best, and will be subject to the inspection and approval of the Purchaser. If materials are rejected the Purchases shall be writing so notify the Seller, and the Purchaser, at its option and at the expense and risk of the Seller, may either return such rejected materials to the Seller or hold them for such disposal as the Seller shall indicate.

section 3

Do you meet Section 3 guidelines?

If so, please let us know.

Section 3 is a provision of the Housing and Urban Development act of 1968, which requires that programs receiving funding under HUD provide to the greatest extent feasible opportunities for job training and employment to low income residents.

Contractors and Vendors must make a good faith effort to utilize Section 3 residents as trainees and employees and make a good faith effort to award contracts to Section 3 business concerns.

Minority & Female Business Enterprise Efforts


It is the policy of the Hagerstown Housing Authority that maximum practicable opportunity be provided to Minority & Female Business Enterprises to participate in the contracting and purchase activities initiated by the Housing Authority.

This participation may be in the form of general contracting, subcontracting, supply of materials, equipment, or as minority tenant employees of the contractor/subcontractor.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) was established by Executive Order 11246 on Sept 24, 1965. This executive Order ensures equal employment opportunities for minorities.

Under Equal Employment Opportunity provisions, employers (Vendors/Contractors) agree to take affirmative actions to ensure and maintain a working environment free of harassment and intimidation. Also, that employees are not discriminated against because of race, sex, color, national origin or religion.

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